My name is Diane and I have been using Pilates as part of my fitness routine since 2000. After an injury forced me to change my lifestyle and alter my workouts, I started training in Pilates in earnest. When I discovered what a huge difference the reasonably simple workouts made in my recovery, as well as in my day to day life, and other sports I participate in. I decided to become certified to teach other people. It made a huge difference in my life, and I strongly believe in the benefits it offers. 

I chose STOTT in particular because it is closely tied to physical therapy. With my background in healthcare the physiological basis and focus was very important to me, and I was accustomed to seeing the injuries that are caused frequently in our daily lives. I became certified to teach Mat-work in March of 2010. I am also certified in Zenga and have taken additional courses on Injuries and Special Populations, such as those with fibromyalgia, pregnancy and post-partum, and aging related issues. I believe certification and continuing education are irreplaceable tools.