New Directions Pilates

New Directions Pilates is now offering Pilates mat-work lessons by a STOSS trained and certified instructor. Group classes are available, schedules vary.
Private lessons are also offered for one-on-one instruction. Please email [email protected] for further scheduling information. Currently serving Saskatoon and area. All equipment is provided for one-on-one lessons, and for group sessions a comfortable mat is all that you need.

STOTT Pilates is based on Joesph Pilates techniques, mixed with modern exercise science and physiology. It is a mind-body exercise that can be tailored to any goal or fitness level, and modified to assist in recovery after injury. STOTT Pilates exercises are meant to help restore the natural curves existing in your spine and rebalance the muscles around the joings, with additional emphasis on stabilizing the shoulder blades.

What Can Pilates Do For You?
Improved breathing patters
Increased Mind-Body awareness
Improvement and correction of posture, decreasing back pain and other problems caused by poor posture
Increased muscle strength and tone
Rehabilitation after surgery
Increased abdominal strength
A workout that is easy on your joints as you work in correct alignment within your natural range of motion

Overall, you can expect an increase in your strength levels, your balance and mobility, a better body awareness, and a decrease in pre-existing body pains, especially in the lower back.